Hi I’m Chris…

…and I run this studio. I do this because I love music and I love being part of creating songs and albums. And I happen to be good at mixing music. As more and more people discovered this it became almost natural to stop mixing in different (commercial) places and get my own studio. And since I don’t only like mixing music I also help bands and artists while they create their songs. I am their accompanist without an instrument, so to speak, helping them settle on sounds, giving hints about song structure and impact on the listener and lots of other things. I consider it musical consulting (I don’t like the term producer but that is what most people would call it) and for those open enough to take honest feedback and criticism into account it has been a revealing and rewarding experience so far.

And since doing everything on my own isn’t as much fun as sharing the experience I share the studio with my partner/soulmate Alex who is far more musical (piano, guitar, vocal, the science behind music, etc) and represents my second pair of ears. Also she is the eye-candy of the studio. In addition to mixing other people’s music we also use the studio’s downtime to work on our own music.

Facts about Chris

– main focus on mixing music, regardless of the genre however with the majority of my projects being rock and folk related

– studied audio engineering resulting in a Bachelors degree

– started playing guitar at age 16

– experience as a live engineer

– worked for a local radio station (tech guy, band recordings, on-air mixing, live mixing)

– worked for a internet radio station as host and main audio engineer

– currently learning piano

– has some experience in mastering

Mad skills

– Mixing

– Cubase

– Logic

– Wavelab

– anything IT related

– I make excellent espresso!

Facts about Alex

– phenomenal soprano singer with experience in Rock/pop but also singing for choirs, etc

– Currently is and also has been a choir leader for Gospel and also kids choirs

– studied Musicology/music sciences

– good piano player